GUIDESchool information

IDEAEducational Philosophy

  • Broader and wider world view

  • Native language

  • To be creative

  • To be kind

The philosophy in our school is to nurture our students with practical Japanese language so they are able to bridge the gap amongst different cultures. We encourage students to establish a broader and wider world view and to be creative and to be kind. We believe education should be fair and accessible to every student no matter what the race, nationality and native language is. We respect each individual and endeavor to help students make a difference in their lives.



Principal:Kiyoshi Kusaki
Undergraduate of School of Law Waseda University, Postgraduate of Graduate School of Law Waseda University

The number of people who learn Japanese as well as improving the status of Japan in the current international society is increasing year by year. And its purpose is not only politics or economics but also Japanese history, literature, traditional entertainment, movies, cartoons, animation etc., which becomes a very wide range. We hope that such opportunities will be offered for students to learn Japanese, deepen their understanding of Japan and Japanese, and help international exchange and mutual understanding. For that purpose, we have our own curriculum and excellent teachers and respect each individual’s personality and conduct fine-grained education according to the ability. We will do our utmost to support each goal. We look forward to having you in our school.

ABOUTSchool Outline

Establishment year 1986
The start year of Japanese Language school October 1991
Capacity 682 students
Enrollment January, April, July, October
Time table 9:00~12:25 13:10~16:35
Facilities PC for students, Study room, School guidance room, library, lounge, smoking area, parking area for bicycles
Transportation 10 minutes’ walk from JR Kawasaki Station, 10 minutes’ walk from Keikyu Kawasaki Station




〒210-0023 神奈川県川崎市川崎区小川町10-5


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