SCHOLARSHIPSScholarships (only apply to students with valid student visas)

EDU SCHOLARSHIPSSchool Foundation Scholarship for students with excellent grades


Managed by Reiwa International Institute of Japanese Language (good place Corporation)
Target Students in our school with excellent grades and 100% attendance rates. Will be given on graduation day.
Amount 5,000 yen for 15 months course, 18,000 yen for 18 months course, 21,000 yen for 21 months course, 24,000 yen for 24 months course
Awarding method QUO card (Gift cards)

JASSO SCHOLARSHIPSMinistry of International Students Learning Encouragement Fee

Managed by Japan Student Services Organization
Target Enrolled at the school and plan to continue to undergraduate or graduate studies at Japan`s university.
Students with strong academic performances, excellent characters, but having financial difficulties in attending school.
Recommendation from school.
Amount 30,000 yen/month (will be given for 12 months)
Awarding method the amount will be transferred to applicant`s bank account starting from April of the decided year until March of the following year.